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Who and What We Are

Addiction destroys families as much as it destroys individuals.


Our Vision
To set people free from the bondage of addiction to – food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, anger, jealousy, obsessive relationships, cigarettes, sex, pornography, shopping obsessions (and anything else you want to put in there). No matter what your addiction might be, you can find help here!

To come alongside the family and friends who have been affected by the addict and provide them with tools and support in a small group setting.

Our Mission
To lead people to Jesus, the one who can transform them into “The Ultimate Version of Themselves”

Our Purpose
· To help group members develop roots and steadfastness in Christ
· To help people grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ
· To provide people with the tools necessary to be restored to wholeness
· To provide people with the tools necessary to mature in their faith
· To provide a place of discipleship

Our Team



My name is Julianne. Praise God, I am the wife of a recovering alcoholic who loves the Lord, but it wasn’t always that way. The Lord had to take me to a place of complete surrender and dependence on Him, during some of the darkest years of my life. It is only by the power and mercy of the Father that He has kept our marriage of 23 years intact! And now, together, we feel compelled to share how the love, truth and grace of God transformed and healed our broken family.  If you’re in a dark place of despair and feel helpless and alone, I’ve been there; I understand. It is my prayer that you would come to a Surrender & Win meeting where you can begin to heal, despite your circumstances and experience the joy and the gift of hope that Jesus offers.



My name is Michael. Thirty-one years ago I was a drug addict and 31 years later I can say by the grace of God, I am still clean. Thirty-one years is a long time and sadly, many drug addicts can’t say that. Many live life on a roller coaster of success and failure. Now I don’t pretend to be the cause, but just an example of a God who heals, restores, cures and gives hope for life and living. God taught me what it means to surrender and win. So, if your story is my story, why not come to a surrender and win meeting where I know lasting, long lasting help is on the way?!



My name is Larry. I did not have any addictions myself, but my son had a drinking problem.  His college years and into his 20’s were years of worry and frustration for my wife and for me.  We really expected that one day we would get a call that he was dead.  My son grew up in a Bible Church and he struggled with going to church through these years.  His life was changed dramatically by the power of Jesus.  We believe that because of prayer and by the power of Jesus, our son is leading a totally different life today, a life that is free from alcohol.  Surrender and Win is the kind of program that can help those struggling with addictions because it helps you to realize that you need a power greater than yourself.  You can’t do it alone and we want to help you.



My name is Lori and like so many, I am the mother of a heroin addict. I know what it is like to have sleepless nights, days filled with worry and anxiety. I also know what it’s like to feel hopeless and helpless, but unlike some, I have faith. Faith in a real God who really helps and he helped my child and he helped me. Today the battle is far from over, however, my daughter has been free from drugs for nine months and today we are winning the battle. I don’t know what I would do without my faith in God. Because of my faith and because I have seen God at work, I have decided to dedicate my life to helping family members and loved ones who are experiencing what I have.  So, if my story is your story, why not come to a Surrender and Win meeting where I know help is on the way?!



My name is Denise.  Drinking was a problem in my family for as long as I can remember.  My mother, brother, sister-in-law and other family members all had drinking problems.  It was hardest for me when my own son became someone with a drinking problem.  I would pray for him when he was away at school, especially on weekends because this is the big party time.  I would text him everyday and tell him that I loved him and I never gave up on him.  In his mid 20’s he totally gave up drinking and resumed going to church and there he met the woman he would marry.  I believe this is an answer to my prayers and that the power of Jesus changed his life and brought him to where he is today.  Surrender and Win will provide the help you need because this is a program that



My name is Tim. I was born on the south side of Chicago, into a large Irish-Catholic family, where I am #8 of 10 children.  My parents both drank pretty much everyday. After losing my father when I was 16 and my mother when I was 28, I learned quickly to use alcohol to mask my fears, feelings and anxieties.  In 2008, I finally surrendered and through the Grace of God, I have been winning my life back!  If your life has spun out of control and you want it back, please join us at a Surrender and Win meeting where lasting victory is possible.



Hi, my name is Rafal and I was a drug addict. I’m a Polish immigrant and came over to this country when I was 10. We were a typical Polish family with a pattern of addiction and abuse. Whether alcohol or nicotine, addiction was a part of our lives. I started with marijuana early in high school and added cigarettes to that as I went along. During those years, late teen to early adult, I was very dedicated to my addictions. I hit my peak around my late twenty’s to early thirties. I always managed to hold a job and keep, at least on the surface, everything together. But after many years of the things that define addiction (abuse, lies and broken promises), my wife packed up and left with my 2 children. Shortly after this, my life finally found direction when Jesus Christ intervened and caused me to do things I still cannot explain. I went to a Jesus-focused addiction group at a church and shortly thereafter, started attending Sunday services regularly. I turned my life around and became trustworthy, but none of those things happened because I tried hard enough or it was from within myself. My life changed simply because I gave up doing things my own way and instead started following Jesus, giving all control to Him. It took time, but He restored me, gave me another chance, and now by His Grace, I’m celebrating 10 years of living clean as I daily Surrender and Win.



My name is Fran & my spouse is an alcoholic. By the grace of God we have been married almost 24 years. There have been times of loneliness, helplessness & uncertainty. Yet when I had relinquished my husband & myself to the Lord He has transformed me. I realize I am not responsible, nor in control of anyone except myself. As I let the Lord transform me & walk steadfastly with Him, He helps me surrender my husband & this addiction all to Him. I hope that you have been encouraged by my story & will give Surrender & Win a try so that you too can be set free from your struggles.



My name is Cathy. I’m the adult child of an alcoholic. I spent my childhood and early adult life in fear, learning how to manipulate and control, thinking it might result in a change in the addictive behavior. Through the grace of God, I came to the knowledge that nothing I can do or say will make one bit of difference in the addict’s life. With God’s help, I realized that change needed to occur within myself.

If you are struggling, trying to maintain control in a situation that is spiraling out of control, you have come to the right place. We will help you find the peace you yearn for and guide you to getting your life back on track. I have been in your shoes and today I have joy in my heart. Let us help you find joy once again.



My name is Richard. I struggled for many years with my tobacco and sexual addictions but never tried that hard to get rid of them because, frankly, I enjoyed them. I thought I had my life under control until one day it all fell apart. My family was in a tragic car accident. My wife and I suffered serious injuries but our 4-year old granddaughter’s injuries were fatal. She was a special, precious child and, at that time, our only grandchild. My future was gone. I lost all hope. As I lay in a hospital bed drifting in and out of consciousness, Jesus came to me in a dream. He told me our granddaughter was with Him and when my time came, I would be too. In that moment He replaced my lost earthly hope with an eternal hope. Shortly after that I surrendered my life to Him. The Lord himself lead me through a program very much like Surrender and Win. This program can help you find your way to true hope and peace.

Our Meetings

You can join us one of two ways:

  1. In-person: We meet every Thursday at 7pm at Marion Hills Bible Church located at 142 Plainfield Rd in Darien, IL for teaching, discussion and support as we work the 12 steps of surrender and win.
  2. On-line: We now have on-line meetings that take you through the proven 12-step program for family members as well as those suffering from the terrible grip of addiction. These on-line meetings are fully interactive, live web conferences with our support group. The meetings are held every Sunday night from 6PM to 7PM Central.
To attend our meeting in person on Thursday, just show up and be ready to be welcomed with open arms. For the on-line meetings, after registration you will receive a code to enter prior to the meeting that protects the privacy of both you and our meetings on-line. Please register any time up to 11AM the day of the meeting so we can prepare.
Register for our next on-line meeting below and we will send you a link to the conference via email on the night of the meeting.

12 Steps to Recovery

Step 1 – I now see (admit) that I of myself am powerless, unable to control (manage) my life on my own.

Step 2 – Came to believe that Jesus can restore me to wholeness.

Step 3 – I now make a conscious decision to turn my will over to the care and direction of Christ as Teacher, Healer, Savior, Lord.

Step 4 – Having made this decision, I now obey God’s call in scripture to make a fearless, ethical, moral and scriptural inventory of my entire life, in order to uncover all sins, mistakes and character defects and to make a written list of every item uncovered.

Step 5 – After completing my inventory and now having a new desire to walk with God, I admit to myself, I confess to God and to another person in Christ, the exact nature of my wrongs.

Step 6 – Having agreed with God about my sinful behavior, I now ask for his forgiveness through Jesus Christ and now position myself to be transformed into the Ultimate Version of Myself.

Step 7 – I now repent (turn away) from all these behaviors in thought, word and deed and ask God to remove each besetting sin through Jesus Christ.

Step 8 – I now make a list of all persons I have harmed in thought, word and deed and make a list of all persons who have harmed me and will make amends to them all.

Step 9 – I now go directly to these persons to forgive and to seek forgiveness, reconciliation, restitution or release whenever and with whomever possible, unless to do so would cause further harm.

Step 10 – I now consciously, prayerfully and purposely continue to Walk with God by unceasingly taking captive all my temptations and sin and by keeping a constant open relationship with God, myself and other persons.

Step 11 – I anchor my walk with regular scripture study, prayer, worship and fellowship to increase the knowledge of God’s will in my life.

Step 12 – Recognizing the impact of God in my life, I now intentionally share these principles and their effect with others as God’s Spirit leads and will practice these principles in all areas of my life.


About 6 months into my recovery from alcohol addiction, an old friend invited me to a Sunday church service. Very soon after that, I made the decision to follow Jesus. With Jesus as my Higher Power, I naturally started attending Surrender & Win. I immediately felt that it was a place where I belonged. The way that the testimonies and teachings incorporate both the Bible AND the Big Book of Alcoholic’s Anonymous is truly unique to the recovery world. Two of my passions are: introducing someone to Jesus & taking a suffering addict or alcoholic through the 12 steps. Therefore, I am truly grateful that I have a place where I have the privilege to do not one, but both of those things!



“Why would You allow this to happen to me?,” I shouted to the heavens as I woke up at a train station in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  After 12 years of drowning myself in fear, loneliness and self-pity…  heroin and cocaine addiction infused with alcoholism had finally won.  I wanted to die!  I ended up at a treatment center where I said my first genuine prayer, which sounded like this, “To Whom it may concern: Please help me.” With very little knowledge of God, the Scriptures, or just church in general, I headed off to a Surrender and Win program. SOBER AND SAVED since November 7, 2013. Finally, I HEARD THE GOSPEL! I now lead a Surrender and Win L.I.F.T group (youth ministry), Jesus has and continues to repair relationships that I have demolished.  I don’t believe in Jesus because someone told me to. I BELIEVE because I have experienced the FREEDOM In JESUS’ NAME! When I SURRENDERED… I WON (know, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37). I give very special thanks to Surrender and Win for loving me when I couldn’t love myself.



Surrender And Win has helped me personally in so many ways that I could not possibly put into words. Since I started coming to Surrender and Win in 2014, I have come across many obstacles in my life. The people there have never stopped loving and helping me. I struggle with relying on myself on a daily basis. Surrender and Win has shown me truth, which in turn has led me to be a follower of Jesus Christ! I can never repay them for being doers of the Word and creating this comfortable environment for a broken soul like myself.






What happens at Surrender & Win each week?

We meet at Marion Hills Bible Church (142 Plainfield Road in Darien IL) on Thursday nights from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. We begin the night with a speaker who shares his or her experience working a step and then break up into small groups to discuss the step, our sobriety, and how God’s Word coincides with the step.

What is recovery?

In physical health, recovery refers to the process of moving from illness to wellness. Our hurts, habits and hang-ups are like an illness and by using the tools of Surrender & Win, we begin to move toward wholeness. Some might say from bondage to freedom in Christ. Others might say from self-reliance to faith in Christ.

Is Surrender & Win for me?

Surrender & Win offers people the opportunity to participate in a group where love and hope combine with God’s purpose to mend their lives. Ask yourself:

“Are there things in my life that I do that hurt others?”

“Is there something I wish I could live without?”

“Is it time to crack my denial and admit I am not in control of my life?”

“Do I have a painful habit or hang-up from which I need to be freed?”

If you answered “Yes” to any of these statements, then we urge you to attend a Surrender & Win meeting to see if it is for you.

FAQ’s Cont.

S&W Founder

pastor-paul1On an October night in 1996 I had reached what is often referred to as “rock bottom.” Alcoholism and drug addiction had come to consume my very existence. I offer this confession without shame. It’s quite fascinating that as much as I’ve been able to serve people over the years with whatever assets I may possess; I believe I’ve helped just as many by allowing myself to be vulnerable and openly share my liabilities.
I had just been released from an extended stay in jail. My life was, in the words of Bill Wilson, a morass of pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization. I had no idea where to turn. The concept of a solution had completely exited my reality. And yet, amazingly, the very thing that would save my life was closer at hand than I ever could have imagined. A close friend came before me with the precision-like timing of a Swiss watch. He asked if he could make a suggestion, and I nodded. He looked into my eyes with a love that completely captured my trust and said “Get on your knees and ask Jesus Christ for help.” “That’s it?” I thought. Could it possibly be that simple? And yet, despite the seeming simplicity, I realized I was scared. My fear was an indication of the power of the suggestion. I was out of options. I had my doubts, but I really had nothing left to lose.
That very night, I took my friends simple suggestion. But what then happened to my heart, well…. That was not simple at all. Jesus heard my plea. My desire to drink and do drugs was replaced with The Holy Spirit. My heart was radically changed. My heart was now the heart of God.
The next day I accepted an invitation to church to engage corporately with other followers of Jesus. The pastor spoke of the gospel. I came to understand that Jesus Christ loved me so much that he died for MY sins; that my belief in his love would not only allow me to be forgiven, but to have my sins washed away entirely, never to be held against me again.
I was reborn. I was given a fresh start and a new beginning. It was the beginning of a path following Jesus and going where it was he saw fit to lead me. And, as it happens, he saw fit to lead me to lead. And so I do.
And please hear me when I say that I do so very imperfectly. Because I am not perfect. No one in my congregation is perfect. None of us expect you to be perfect. And, most importantly, Jesus doesn’t expect you to be perfect. The only one who is perfect came to save all of us imperfect souls; stumbling our way through this broken world without a prayer short of his care and protection.
Whoever you are; whatever your life looks like; wherever you are in your spiritual journey; there’s room for you at Surrender & Win. We offer abstinence and sobriety to the addicted; we offer healing to the suffering; we offer a voice to the voiceless; we offer a home to the lost.
We long to come alongside you in your spiritual walk. We long to love you. We long to know you. I long to know you. I truly pray I’ll have that opportunity.

Pastor Paul Giersz

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