A recent study from the United Kingdom revealed that one person in ten had no close friends. When Geoffrey Grelf, a professor of social work at the University of Maryland, was asked if that sounded right, he felt it was a safe bet.

Grelf studied the relationship of couples in the United States and reported that most adult couples have friends, but the number varies significantly. It ranged from five to thirty, but it was not indicated if these were best friends. When Chris Peterson, a world-renowned psychologist, was asked to sum up decades of psychology research, he said “other people matter”.

The Bible goes a bit further and talks about what it means to be a genuine friend. It would definitely be someone you are close to, someone with a kindred spirit. It is a person who is very concerned with your welfare and would not desert you in a time of difficulty. Jesus desires to be this type of friend when He said “I will never leave you or forsake you”. Jesus is a friend worth having.

Health & Lies

Dr. Craig Spencer said he placed himself under quarantine in his home after returning from working with Ebola patients in Africa. Officials, by investigating the phone record, found that he had been doing anything but staying at home. Later, Mr. Spencer admitted to riding subways, bowling, and eating in restaurants.

The public has been repeatedly told that the Ebola incubation period was up to 21 days. Now the World Health Organization (WHO) says that figure only covers 95% of the Ebola infections. Some cases can incubate for up to 42 days.

Since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak the Center for Disease Control (CDC) maintained the infection could only be spread by direct contact while other organizations indicated it could be spread via indirect contact. Now the CDC admits that Ebola can be spread through indirect contact with items such as a door knob.

With these types of things appearing in the news almost daily, a person begins to wonder why people lie. Usually it is to conceal something that has been done or to promote a personal agenda. The above examples show that the deceived could be put at great risk.

God gave a mandate to His people through Moses in the ninth commandment not to lie. Thousands of years later God was still telling people not to lie, only this time to those whose lives have been transformed by Him. God’s kingdom is one where there is no lying and everything is out in the open. In that type of kingdom love for others prevails. Would we want to live in a kingdom where there is no lying? Have we been transformed?

Ebola & Death

We hear the incubation period for ebola runs from two to twenty one days, with a typical incubation period of eight to ten days. The survival rate is generally 50% or less. This is enough to make one think about death more than we have in the past. Death is a separation from the very existence we have known since birth. That in itself can cause considerable stress. The question then becomes “is there any hope”.

We know there is something beyond death and who has control of it because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. His actions were loving and kind. It is about this Jesus that the Bible tells us there is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus. No condemnation means nothing is held against a person after death and no further work is needed to appease anyone, provided they are in Jesus. There is hope, but only for those who are in Jesus. That is what needs immediate consideration by everyone today.