Do You Want To Spend Your Paycheck On Heroin For Addicts?

Do You Want To Spend Your Paycheck On Heroin For Addicts?

Delegate Dan Morhaim, a Democrat, Maryland lawmaker and emergency room doctor, is concerned about the increasingly visible wave of heroin abuse in his state. He would like to propose legislation that would provide free heroin for some addicts. He thinks this might reduce the propensity of an addict to steal in support of his habit. People also conjecture it could reduce the number of pushers, make for a happier addict, and reduce infection risk since the drug kit would be sterile.

While the heroin would be free for the addict, someone will have to pay for it. In this case it would be the taxpayer. In short, it would come out of your paycheck.

While this is clearly thinking outside the box, the Bible says whatever overcomes a person enslaves him. Also, the Bible frequently condemns acts such as intoxication which is contrasted with the virtues of alertness and self control.

If you wanted to do the right thing, what direction would you take?

Where Will You Be Accepted When You Die?

IsraeliIsrael says an Israeli Arab citizen paraglided into war-torn Syria during the night while Israeli aerial operations were taking place. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said he would pursue revoking the citizenship of the 23-year old who presumably entered Syria to join ISIS.

When you read a story like this, it causes one to wonder if the person entering the foreign country will be accepted at his destination. Often people today think they will be going to heaven when they die. Will they really be accepted there? Most probably don’t know a war will occur in heaven in the future. The Bible tells us that Michael and the angels of God will war with Satan and his fallen angels in the end times. The result of that battle will be that Satan will be cast down to the earth and be barred from heaven. At that point we are told the kingdom of God and the authority of Christ will come. All opposition to God will leave heaven.

People will only be accepted in heaven if they put their faith and trust in Jesus. That faith then causes them to turn from their current way of living to the way God tells us to live.

Will heaven be the place where you will be accepted when you die?