It’s Not Supposed To Be Like This

Have you ever used talcum powder? Maybe you should stop. A jury just awarded $72 million to the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer as a result of using products with talcum powder. This seems to be the first of many verdicts/settlements involving allegations that Johnson & Johnson ignored the link between cancer and its talcum-based products. Over a thousand more cases are pending. Studies going back to 1971 suggest a link between cancer and talc. A 1982 study showed a 92% increased risk of cancer when women used products containing talc for feminine hygiene. This research advised J & J to put warning labels on products containing talc.

J & J’s license was suspended by India’s FDA over toxic ingredients found in baby products. The formaldehyde-releasing preservative in baby shampoo has been removed from the product in many countries. In the United States you would have to pay considerably more to get the company’s “Natural” brand.

In the lawsuit Berg vs J & J it was stated that Berg’s cancerous tissue was removed and examined by three doctors. The doctors found talc particles embedded in the tissue and concluded talc was the cause of the cancer. She used J & J Baby Powder and Shower to Shower from 1975 to 2007.

Don’t think this is an isolated case. Household cleaners, food choices and aromatics from flooring, carpet and paint can cause harm. Also in the news is the health hazard from flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators.

If everyone practiced Jesus’ teaching to love their neighbors as themselves, these situations would vanish. A kingdom is coming where this will be the rule. Do you want to be a part of it?

Will a report like this change how you shop? Do you have an opinion about companies that make products like this? If so, be sure to comment below. We would like to hear from you.

Is Your Heart Troubled?

February has been designated as American Heart Month. This is a national campaign dedicated to pointing people towards a healthier lifestyle to improve cardiovascular disease. Generally when people think of heart health they also think about cholesterol. Cholesterol is an essential body chemical, mostly made in the liver. It is used as a raw material to make pituitary, adrenal and sex hormones. When under stress, the body makes more cholesterol to meet an increased need for adrenal/stress hormones. Cholesterol is one of the components of arterial plaque that can build in blood vessels and cut off blood flow. Often this results in heart attack or stroke.

Stress is often hard to avoid. Take the case of Myra Robin, an independent business owner. When her mom developed dementia, she came to live in. That changed Myra’s life as her days became consumed with caregiving, doctor visits, pharmacy runs and insurance calls. Watching her mother deteriorate was physically, emotionally and financially draining. Lifestyle habits weren’t good to begin with but now with less time they got worse and she lost her business. It wasn’t long before she developed severe problems, entered ER only to go into cardiac arrest. With medical intervention, the passing of her mom and major lifestyle changes, she is doing much better.

The Bible tells us to guard our heart because it is the wellspring of life. It also says a heart at peace gives life to the body and a cheerful heart is good medicine. From this we learn that taking care of our heart is important and peace and cheer are good for it. Jesus had the ultimate solution to heart health when he said not to let your hearts be troubled but to trust in God and also in Him. Your heart can have peace in the midst of adverse circumstances when you trust Jesus to carry your load. Are you carrying your burdens alone? Isn’t it time to give them to Jesus?

What causes you stress? Send us a comment. We’d like to hear about it!

How Do You View Your Unborn Child?

Well, the Super Bowl and it’s commercials are over but not without a ruckus. The manufacturer of Doritos showed a commercial with a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound and an expectant father eating Doritos chips next to her. When the father would hold a chip over the mom’s abdomen, you could see the ultrasound image of the baby reaching for it. Upset that the father was making light of the situation, the mom grabs the chip from his hand and throws it toward her feet. Chasing the Dorito, the baby promptly exits the mother’s abdomen which surprised both parents-to-be.

The ruckus began when the NARAL pro-choice group began objecting to the humanizing of a fetus on social media. In essence you either consider a fetus a mass of cells until it exits the womb or you consider it a person. A person would have rights but a mass of cells would not, thus allowing it to be killed.

Science tells us human life begins at conception. At that moment the child’s genetic makeup is complete. The gender is determined along with its height and hair, eye and skin color. All the embryo needs to become fully functional is time to grow and develop.

The Bible tells us God is present when a person is formed in the womb and that He knew us before we were ever conceived. He ordained the number of days we would have and declared our work. Our value to God is created before we were ever conceived.

Forgiveness is available if you made a poor choice concerning these matters in the past. But for now, do you value an unborn life because God does?


“Why would You allow this to happen to me?,” I shouted to the heavens as I woke up at a train station in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  After 12 years of drowning myself in fear, loneliness and self-pity…  heroin and cocaine addiction infused with alcoholism had finally won.  I wanted to die!  I ended up at a treatment center where I said my first genuine prayer, which sounded like this, “To Whom it may concern: Please help me.” With very little knowledge of God, the Scriptures, or just church in general, I headed off to a Surrender and Win program. SOBER AND SAVED since November 7, 2013. Finally, I HEARD THE GOSPEL! I now lead a Surrender and Win L.I.F.T group (youth ministry), Jesus has and continues to repair relationships that I have demolished.  I don’t believe in Jesus because someone told me to. I BELIEVE because I have experienced the FREEDOM In JESUS’ NAME! When I SURRENDERED… I WON (know, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37). I give very special thanks to Surrender and Win for loving me when I couldn’t love myself.



Surrender And Win has helped me personally in so many ways that I could not possibly put into words. Since I started coming to Surrender and Win in 2014, I have come across many obstacles in my life. The people there have never stopped loving and helping me. I struggle with relying on myself on a daily basis. Surrender and Win has shown me truth, which in turn has led me to be a follower of Jesus Christ! I can never repay them for being doers of the Word and creating this comfortable environment for a broken soul like myself.



Ever Thought What You’d Do With A Million Dollars?

Ryan Broyles, a member of last season’s Detroit Lions, is not only famous for playing three years in the NFL but also for what he has achieved off the field. Broyles, 27 years old, made over $2 million from the Lions from 2012 until now but he keeps to a budget of $5,000 per month. He doesn’t have flashy things, cable TV or a Porsche even though he has the funds. Yes, Ryan is different from other professional athletes who have either squandered or been bilked out of millions of dollars.

Ryan allocates 50% of his budget to fixed expenses like mortgage and car payments. Thirty percent goes to variable expenses like food and gas and 20% goes into savings. He and his wife look for discounts even though they could afford to pay full price. They used Groupon for a trip to China. They also use cloth diapers because it is cheaper.

It’s good to hear of someone with self control in an area of life like finances. Many, I’m sure, would think Ryan has arrived and is rich. In some ways they would be correct. The often missed, real treasure here that prevents disaster is self control. It benefits a person at any income level and in many areas of life other than finance. The Bible tells us there is much more treasure to be had. It tells us love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness are also available, to name a few. These, it says, are available to those who know God and have His spirit. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had these qualities? If you desire this treasure, you might try asking the One who can make these available to you.

How Do You Choose Your Friends?

How Do You Choose Your Friends?

It has now been a month since Natalie Cole died in Los Angeles from congestive heart failure. She was 65. There was a glamour side to her life, in that she was a nine-time Grammy award-winning singer. Her life also had a dark side. When Natalie was in high school she began experimenting with drugs. At the start of college, she dated a boy named Jimmy and began singing with his band. Natalie was on drugs at this time. After college she began using heroin and her drug use increased. After a brief hiatus from drugs, she got married, had a son, and began using drugs again. This time it was cocaine. There were car accidents, a divorce, child neglect, lack-luster performances and missed shows.

She first entered rehab in 1982, but after a 30-day stay, she went right back to drugs.
Some thought she was going to die, so she entered rehab again in 1983. While this stint in rehab seemed to work, substance abuse took a toll on her health. In 2007 she contracted hepatitis C from sharing needles in the past. Treatment for liver disease damaged her kidneys and her health continued to deteriorate.

Whitney Houston, another Grammy award-winning singer, died in 2012 of drowning as a result of heart disease and cocaine use. Her brother introduced her to drugs.

In each of these cases, someone close became an influence that resulted in death. The Bible tells us not to be deceived about bad company ruining good morals. It also says to stay away from people with anger or those that make promises since you will learn their ways and fall into a trap. The friends you chose will likely affect your life and those around you as long as you live.

The greatest friend to have is God. The Bible says to draw near to him and He will draw near to you as you cleanse your hands and purify your heart. Are you being influenced by the greatest friend of all?