Asteroids and Judgment

A large asteroid is approaching earth at 35,000 mph and will be closest tomorrow at 11:20 am ET. The big rock, dubbed 2004 BL86 is about five football fields across and will be about 745,000 miles away. Some think it could be viewed with a quality set of binoculars. Among the known space rocks, it is the closest an asteroid will come until 2027 and it is the closest this rock will get for 200 years.

When thinking about asteroids we can’t help but think about what will happen when God uses a celestial object to bring one of several judgments on the earth. The Bible says a large object will fall from the sky burning like a torch and falling on a third part of the rivers and springs of water. A third of the waters will become bitter and many people will die from it.

The Bible also says there is a way to escape being in this judgment. There is a way of escape for those who will take it before it’s too late.