Does Good Overcome Evil? (Update #1)

We mentioned the VW scandal in a post titled “Does Good Overcome Evil” in the deceptive product category on this web site. In that article we said ” The deed and it’s long cover-up proved to be unfruitful. ” Well now we are getting a look at just how unfruitful it might be.

It has been reported that Volkswagen has reached an agreement with the U.S. government to spend just over $1 billion to compensate owners of diesel-powered cars that had been rigged to pass emission tests. While the details haven’t been worked out yet, we have one question. Wouldn’t it be better to just be honest and open? You might wind up ahead.

It’s Not Supposed To Be Like This

Have you ever used talcum powder? Maybe you should stop. A jury just awarded $72 million to the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer as a result of using products with talcum powder. This seems to be the first of many verdicts/settlements involving allegations that Johnson & Johnson ignored the link between cancer and its talcum-based products. Over a thousand more cases are pending. Studies going back to 1971 suggest a link between cancer and talc. A 1982 study showed a 92% increased risk of cancer when women used products containing talc for feminine hygiene. This research advised J & J to put warning labels on products containing talc.

J & J’s license was suspended by India’s FDA over toxic ingredients found in baby products. The formaldehyde-releasing preservative in baby shampoo has been removed from the product in many countries. In the United States you would have to pay considerably more to get the company’s “Natural” brand.

In the lawsuit Berg vs J & J it was stated that Berg’s cancerous tissue was removed and examined by three doctors. The doctors found talc particles embedded in the tissue and concluded talc was the cause of the cancer. She used J & J Baby Powder and Shower to Shower from 1975 to 2007.

Don’t think this is an isolated case. Household cleaners, food choices and aromatics from flooring, carpet and paint can cause harm. Also in the news is the health hazard from flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators.

If everyone practiced Jesus’ teaching to love their neighbors as themselves, these situations would vanish. A kingdom is coming where this will be the rule. Do you want to be a part of it?

Will a report like this change how you shop? Do you have an opinion about companies that make products like this? If so, be sure to comment below. We would like to hear from you.

Does Good Overcome Evil?

By now everyone has heard of the VW scandal, but you may not have heard how it came about. Someone wanted to do good. John German is one of the lead people of the International Counsel On Clean Transportation (ICCT). It is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing vehicle emissions. John had been looking at a stream of European data that showed diesel emissions to have high NOx. Knowing U.S. emission standards were much more stringent than those in Europe, he thought showing American cars to be cleaner, he could help reduce emissions in Europe.

ICCT told researchers to take a VW Passat and Jetta, and a BMW X5 on the road to simulate ordinary driving conditions. The researchers found very high emissions being emitted. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the Passat had five to twenty times the emission standard. The Jetta was worse, with 15-35 times the standard. The X5 had low emissions. In May 2014, the EPA and Volkswagon received a copy of the data. In December, the EPA said VW was making a software change to correct the emissions problems.

Vehicles with the fix were tested by CARB in May of the next year and found emissions continuing to be high. VW kept coming up with reasons. Finally in September of 2015, VW admitted that there was a defeat device. We are told VW’s fines could reach $18 billion.

The Bible tells us not to participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them. The deed and it’s long cover-up proved to be unfruitful. When light shines in a dark place, darkness flees. All this because one man wanted to do good. What type of person are you? Do you try to do good or look out for yourself with deeds of darkness?

Making It Right

SouthwestSouthwest Airlines discovered they had missed checking the rudder backup hydraulics on 128 of it’s Boeing 737 aircraft. Once the airline discovered it’s lack of compliance, it grounded all 128 planes, initiated maintenance checks, disclosed the discovery to the FAA and developed an action plan to complete the overdue checks. The FAA made the decision to allow the planes to continue to fly for five days so the missed inspections could be completed. It seems, once the mistake was discovered, the airline wanted to make it right.

When we think of people who have made a mistake and try to make it right, we can’t help but think of what the Bible tells us about a man called Zaccheus. Being a rich tax collector, Zaccheus was hated by the people because tax collectors of that day were known to overcharge the people and pocket the overage. When Jesus came to town many people wanted to see Him and Zaccheus was no different. The news about Jesus’ miracles, kind words, and loving spirit had preceded Him. Since Zaccheus was short in stature, he could not make it through the crowd to see Jesus, so he ran ahead and climbed a tree. When Jesus passed by the tree, He looked up and seeing Zaccheus, bid him to come down and said He would stay at his house. When the crowds saw this they began to grumble because they didn’t think someone as good as Jesus should stay in what they considered a sinner’s house. At that point Zaccheus told Jesus that he would give half his possessions to the poor and return more money to anyone he defrauded. Upon meeting Jesus Zaccheus tried to make things right.

People can try to hide their mistakes in the hopes of avoiding any costs, or they can make full disclosure and attempt to make things right. What type of person are you?

Valentine Chocolate?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tested dark chocolate products in the U.S. and found some startling contents. Over half of the products contained trace amounts of milk, which could cause serious problems for sensitive individuals and those with allergies. If that wasn’t enough, a consumer watchdog group, As You Sow, tested 42 chocolate products for lead and cadmium. Well over half contained lead, cadmium or both. Many of these products are sold in what would be considered a health food grocery store. Chronic exposure to cadmium can cause kidney, liver and bone damage in humans. No level of lead is safe for children. Lead can cause learning disabilities in children.

It is apparent that what is enjoyed by a large part of the population can be harmful. Since one serving of chocolate could exceed the California safe harbor level for reproductive harm we wonder why the contents are not on the label. Perhaps the products have never before been tested or there could be concealment of what is there. Would you like to know what is in your chocolate before you purchase it?

In cases like the chocolate, it is easy for people to make judgments one way or the other. The Bible tells us that our judgments now are defective since we can only observe the outward act and cannot see the motives of the heart. When Jesus returns to bring His rule to this earth, He will bring to light those things that are hidden and disclose the motives of people’s hearts. We wonder how many would like to live in a world like that. More importantly, would we want our motives disclosed?

I Win – You Lose

The Chinese authorities recently arrested more than 100 people suspected of selling pork from pigs that died from disease. A network of 11 groups apparently bribed staff from the supervising authorities so that they would be able to continue functioning. Diseased pigs would be bought from farmers at low prices and then sold to markets or processed into bacon, ham or cooking oil. In 2013, when authorities cracked down on some of these groups, more than 10,000 dead pigs were found floating down the river that supplies tap water to a portion of the city in Shanghai.

Just last year some workers in an unlicensed slaughter house in China allegedly decided to increase the water weight of their meat. They started injecting the freshly killed sheep with water, but there was a problem. They did not get the water from the tap, but from a bacteria-infested outdoor pond.

In each of these cases, and more around the world, I’m sure, someone tries to gain while an unsuspecting person loses. The Bible states that the Lord detests dishonest scales, but an accurate measure finds favor with Him. If everyone strived to live life the way the Lord desires, there would not be any losers. Some strive to live the way He wants, which is the opposite of how most people live today.