First Step Out Of Depression

Michael, a person in our group, suggested we take a look at the topic of depression. When we did, we found much more than would fit in a single blog.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 400 million people are affected by depression. It is reported that women are 70% more likely to suffer depression in their lifetime than men. Thirty percent of college students report feeling depressed. It is estimated that 50% of Americans have major depression and don’t seek treatment for the condition. It looks like Michael hit on a topic that affects many, if not most people. No one is immune from depression.

Symptoms of depression often include intense feelings of despair, hopelessness and fatigue that persist. Often times it follows a very stressful life experience.

Depressed people are usually given advice from various sources. Few people look to the Bible to find what it might have to say. Depressed people need hope and God declares that He is the source of hope. The Bible says that God can cause you to overflow with hope, while filling you with joy and peace as you trust Him.

When someone is caught up in issues that depress them, it creates a downward spiral that is very difficult to exit. Help is needed and that help comes from someone other than yourself. A depressed person needs to tell someone of their condition, their struggles and inner feelings. It’s so important that people who are feeling depressed speak up and let someone, specifically the ones in your life that mean the most to you, know what issues are a burden. The love and care of a concerned person, coupled with the ability to look at your issues in a new light, is often the beginning for reversing that spiral.

God offers His care. Will you trust Him?