How Do You View Your Unborn Child?

Well, the Super Bowl and it’s commercials are over but not without a ruckus. The manufacturer of Doritos showed a commercial with a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound and an expectant father eating Doritos chips next to her. When the father would hold a chip over the mom’s abdomen, you could see the ultrasound image of the baby reaching for it. Upset that the father was making light of the situation, the mom grabs the chip from his hand and throws it toward her feet. Chasing the Dorito, the baby promptly exits the mother’s abdomen which surprised both parents-to-be.

The ruckus began when the NARAL pro-choice group began objecting to the humanizing of a fetus on social media. In essence you either consider a fetus a mass of cells until it exits the womb or you consider it a person. A person would have rights but a mass of cells would not, thus allowing it to be killed.

Science tells us human life begins at conception. At that moment the child’s genetic makeup is complete. The gender is determined along with its height and hair, eye and skin color. All the embryo needs to become fully functional is time to grow and develop.

The Bible tells us God is present when a person is formed in the womb and that He knew us before we were ever conceived. He ordained the number of days we would have and declared our work. Our value to God is created before we were ever conceived.

Forgiveness is available if you made a poor choice concerning these matters in the past. But for now, do you value an unborn life because God does?

Teaching Your Kids To Lie

The financial planners, Scott and Bethany Palmer, wrote an interesting article on how children may pick up lying from observing their parents’ life experiences. It was found, according to Psychology Today, that most people lie once or twice a day. Other research indicates that men lie more often than women. Curious to find out why men lie more, the National Bureau of Economic Research did a study and found inconsistent parenting to be the cause. Parents lied 14% more in front of their sons rather than their daughters. In a test, parents lied 42% of the time in front of their sons during a coin game involving prizes. It’s not really known why parents lie more in front of their sons unless they are trying to impart more honesty onto their female children.

A child may think deception is ok when the father takes the child to a store, buys something for himself and then tells the child “mom doesn’t have to know about this”. When the child grows older they will often use this tactic on the parent by keeping information from them when they are concerned about repercussions about their actions.

Knowing that your spouse seems to always says “no” to anything you want to purchase or do, have you ever planted your desire as an idea in your child’s mind? The child will plead and beg for that vacation or new dog when all along it is the parent who really wants it. The spouse gives in because it’s coming from the child as an earnest request. You just taught your child how to manipulate others.

The Bible tells us to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. To train your children you must have a way that you go. Have you chosen a way? Is it the right way?