To God: We Don’t Need Your Laws

This past Friday the U. S. Supreme Court made marriage for same-sex couples legal nationwide. This will override the opposing laws of 14 states who are mostly considered to be in the Bible-belt. The 5-4 decision will change many social interactions throughout the entire country for government, business and family.

The White House celebrated by putting on a display of colored lights in the evening. The President said “When all Americans are treated equal, we are all more free.” While some were jubilant, others saw this as a terrible omen.

Some people are actually wondering if they will be more free or less free. For example, will a preacher be required to marry a gay couple even if it is against his beliefs? Will tax exempt status be at risk for religious institutions? America would seem to have the most to lose in the area of religious freedoms. The reason for this is that some Americans believe God gave man certain laws to live by and they would like to live by them. Since the Bible says God considers gay activities an abomination to Him, the Supreme Court is clearly trying to override God. This is not the first time.

As we look at the news we see factions around the world trying to setup their own countries and think nothing of killing civilians. We see the economic problems of Greece and now Puerto Rico says it can’t pay its debts. Many don’t know other countries are close behind. We also see historic social changes as described here. The Tunisia resort attack or an employee beheading his boss are but two examples of an escalation of violence. When political, economic and social systems begin to collapse, the society, as it is known, will eventually cease to exist.

Omen? Yes, Jesus said when He comes again the earth would be filled with violence and corruption, like it was in the days of Noah. The Bible says all flesh on the earth had corrupted their way. The Supreme Court has just given a nod for mankind to corrupt their way a bit more. It is a progressive downward slide over time. Mankind is drawn into further sin. With the types of violence we see in the news almost daily and the major decisions by countries, we know the time is growing short. Do you see yourself being carried away also or are you standing firm?

Gay Marriage

If anyone has been reading the news lately, they are well aware that arguments are being presented in the Supreme Court of the nation about the legalization of same sex marriage. Some of the questions people are wrestling with is if it should be allowed at the federal level or handled at the state level or perhaps not be allowed at all.

While there are many arguments for or against homosexual marriage, we haven’t noticed an argument out of God’s Word. The Bible consistently tells us that homosexual activity is an abomination to God and contrary to God’s plans for how people should live. Homosexual activity is a result of denying and disobeying God.

Some people may argue that they are predisposed to this type of activity since early childhood. But just because a person is predisposed to a behavior such as alcoholism, violence, lying, etc. that doesn’t excuse them for choosing to give in to sinful desires. The Bible tells us that the body is to be brought under subjection and that it’s lusts are not to be entertained.

While there are many sins, homosexuality is just one. God’s forgiveness is made available to those who practice it as well as those who are habitually committing some other type of sin.

When it comes down to it, the question is if we want to follow God and His ways or if we want to be able to do anything we like. The Bible tells us our very nature wants to rebel against God. Do you?