Is Your Child’s Teacher Lying?

Oftentimes when things seem to be going so well, they can reverse into unpleasant life-changing circumstances.

Lanita Harris was an exemplary teacher, who even got a Teacher of the Year Award in 2006. When a new principal took over at Hunters Lane High School in Nashville, Tennessee, Lanita was assigned to teach English II to a group of struggling students. In 2012 Lanita says an assistant principal brought a message from the principal instructing her to pass all students, giving them at least a 70 grade. After Lanita filed a complaint with the school board, the issue was brought before the Chief academic Officer, Jay Steele’s office, who decided there was no violation of policy.

One student who was passed, would repeatedly throw the work on the floor and use foul language to the teacher. Another attended only one day of class during its nine weeks. There was even a student on the books who assaulted her a few months before. All students in the class passed. An investigation revealed that other teachers were asked to do the same thing. Lanita has decided to move to another school district.

The school district was experiencing year-over-year declining graduations until a new principal was installed. At that time graduations for the district began to skyrocket, making the school look better.

It was only changing a grade from fail to pass, but is that as far as it goes? The students were being given a lie. The parents of the students were lied to. Perspective employers would be misled because they would assume these students were on a par with those who really earned their grade. The grade change could cause the students to become more belligerent and always expect a bail-out.

One of the Ten Commandments tells all people not to lie. Here we see one self-serving action rippling out into society and potentially causing harm to many people. We are glad God gave us His laws so that all people could have a better life. Do you want to abide by His laws?

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Farid Fata, an oncology doctor from the Detroit Michigan area was sentenced to 45 years in prison for Medicare fraud. He was giving cancer treatment drugs to his patients, many of whom didn’t even have cancer. Medicare and private insurers were billed millions for medically unnecessary treatments. His victims lost their health, savings and trust. The health of hundreds of patients has been ruined for life and some died.

Chemotherapy is the act of administering poison to a patient. The poison is toxic to both cancer cells and healthy tissue. The doctor told some patients they had cancer when they did not to be able to bill for infusions. Those with cancer were given extended and unnecessary treatments. The toxic effects of the poisons has caused health issues and disfigurement that his patients will have to live with the rest of their lives.

When you read the news reports you immediately see the victims were emotionally charged in the courtroom. But what do we think about a professional, highly educated doctor who would treat others like this?

Tina Turner recorded a song, released in 1984, titled “What’s Love Got To Do With It “. It asks an interesting question given the circumstances. The answer is everything. The Bible tells us that love is the greatest thing and all God’s laws emanate from it. It says further that the two greatest commands are to love the God of the Bible with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. If you love others as yourself you wouldn’t lie to them or harm them. You would attempt to meet their needs and carry their burdens even when it involves personal sacrifice. The doctor had much love but it appears to be misdirected toward self. Who do you love? Do your actions show it?

Does Lying Pay Off?

It’s been quite awhile since we wrote about GM and the defective ignition switch issue, but it’s in the news again. It’s reported that federal prosecutors will probably bring criminal charges against GM for their treatment of a defect linked to more than 100 deaths. It would seem that prosecutors are nearing completion of their investigation, but issues such as settlement amount and if GM will be required to plead guilty may take more time. Prosecutors have been investigating specific GM employees for several months to determine if individual actions delayed vehicle recalls. Authorities are hearing criticism for not prosecuting individuals in cases like these.

Cover-ups go on in the corporate board room as well as in family circles. Hiding a problem or issue is perceived to give a reward or at least lack of loss. So we have to ask if a cover-up is really beneficial or costly. The answer could come from the Bible where it says “be sure your sin will find you out”.

Ultimately, the cost of concealment seems to be higher than if problems or issues were addressed when known. Hiding an issue means you have less in the end. Do you want to have more or less? Do you realize your decision will be based on whether you want to live a righteous life or one of sin? Which do you choose.

Teaching Your Kids To Lie

The financial planners, Scott and Bethany Palmer, wrote an interesting article on how children may pick up lying from observing their parents’ life experiences. It was found, according to Psychology Today, that most people lie once or twice a day. Other research indicates that men lie more often than women. Curious to find out why men lie more, the National Bureau of Economic Research did a study and found inconsistent parenting to be the cause. Parents lied 14% more in front of their sons rather than their daughters. In a test, parents lied 42% of the time in front of their sons during a coin game involving prizes. It’s not really known why parents lie more in front of their sons unless they are trying to impart more honesty onto their female children.

A child may think deception is ok when the father takes the child to a store, buys something for himself and then tells the child “mom doesn’t have to know about this”. When the child grows older they will often use this tactic on the parent by keeping information from them when they are concerned about repercussions about their actions.

Knowing that your spouse seems to always says “no” to anything you want to purchase or do, have you ever planted your desire as an idea in your child’s mind? The child will plead and beg for that vacation or new dog when all along it is the parent who really wants it. The spouse gives in because it’s coming from the child as an earnest request. You just taught your child how to manipulate others.

The Bible tells us to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. To train your children you must have a way that you go. Have you chosen a way? Is it the right way?