About 6 months into my recovery from alcohol addiction, an old friend invited me to a Sunday church service. Very soon after that, I made the decision to follow Jesus. With Jesus as my Higher Power, I naturally started attending Surrender & Win. I immediately felt that it was a place where I belonged. The way that the testimonies and teachings incorporate both the Bible AND the Big Book of Alcoholic’s Anonymous is truly unique to the recovery world. Two of my passions are: introducing someone to Jesus & taking a suffering addict or alcoholic through the 12 steps. Therefore, I am truly grateful that I have a place where I have the privilege to do not one, but both of those things!



“Why would You allow this to happen to me?,” I shouted to the heavens as I woke up at a train station in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  After 12 years of drowning myself in fear, loneliness and self-pity…  heroin and cocaine addiction infused with alcoholism had finally won.  I wanted to die!  I ended up at a treatment center where I said my first genuine prayer, which sounded like this, “To Whom it may concern: Please help me.” With very little knowledge of God, the Scriptures, or just church in general, I headed off to a Surrender and Win program. SOBER AND SAVED since November 7, 2013. Finally, I HEARD THE GOSPEL! I now lead a Surrender and Win L.I.F.T group (youth ministry), Jesus has and continues to repair relationships that I have demolished.  I don’t believe in Jesus because someone told me to. I BELIEVE because I have experienced the FREEDOM In JESUS’ NAME! When I SURRENDERED… I WON (know, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37). I give very special thanks to Surrender and Win for loving me when I couldn’t love myself.



Surrender And Win has helped me personally in so many ways that I could not possibly put into words. Since I started coming to Surrender and Win in 2014, I have come across many obstacles in my life. The people there have never stopped loving and helping me. I struggle with relying on myself on a daily basis. Surrender and Win has shown me truth, which in turn has led me to be a follower of Jesus Christ! I can never repay them for being doers of the Word and creating this comfortable environment for a broken soul like myself.