FAQ’s Cont.

How does Surrender & Win deal with my past hurts?

Surrender & Win is forward-looking. Rather than wallowing in the past or rehashing and rehearsing painful memories over and over, Surrender & Win focuses on the future. Regardless of what has already happened, the solution is to start making wise choices now and depend on Christ’s power to help make those changes.

What types of issues does Surrender & Win address?

Surrender & Win addresses all types of habits, hurts, and hang-ups. Some recovery programs deal only with alcohol or drugs or another single problem. A wide variety of hurts, hang-ups and harmful behaviors are represented at Surrender & Win. Examples include dependency on alcohol or drugs, pornography, low self-esteem, need to control, depression, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, perfectionism, broken relationships and abuse.

What if I am the spouse of a family member or friend of a person who has an addiction? Am I welcome?

Yes. Surrender & Win has a separate small group for those who have been affected by the Addict.

What is the difference between AA and Surrender & Win?

The principle difference between AA (and other 12-step programs) and Surrender & Win is that Surrender & Win focuses on Jesus Christ as the true “Higher Power” and uses God’s Word as the authority in relation to the 12 steps. The 12 steps have a Christian heritage. In order to reach people who would be offended by Jesus or the Church, AA focused on a Higher Power. But Surrender & Win’s 12 Principals to the Road to Recovery tie the 12 steps to Jesus Christ’s teachings.

What is a Step Study?

Surrender & Win uses the 12 steps and their related scriptures as the biblical model for living your life. A step study is a personal journey through each of these steps in a confidential group led by a facilitator who has completed the steps.

Is Surrender & Win confidential?

Yes, Surrender & Win maintains strict confidentiality. This promotes an atmosphere of trust and enables recovery. We are diligent about confidentiality and anonymity. The guidelines and rules protect all of us from judgment and being “fixed.” In a “safe place” you take off your mask and are real and honest without fear. You are 100% in control of when and how much you participate.

Do I have to share?

In the groups, absolutely not….until you are ready. You can “pass” any time you wish and for as long as it takes for you to become comfortable.

Who are the leaders of Surrender & Win?

The leaders of Surrender & Win are men and women who have gone through similar addictions, hurts, hang-ups, and harmful behaviors and have been through this or a similar recovery program. The leaders are not counselors and do not offer any professional clinical advice.

What if I can’t make it every week?

Surrender & Win meets every Thursday and the meetings are designed so that a person may begin on the road to recovery at any time; you need not to wait for a start date in your recovery.

How do I get started?

Just show up! We meet at Marion Hills Bible Church Thursday evenings at 7:00PM. You’ll be glad that you came.